Monday, 15 November 2010

yay for pills

do you suffer from:

fever, pain, inflammation

bacterial infection

thyroid problems (anti psychotic medication)

fibromyalgia (anti psychotics, painkillers)

acid reflux

high blood pressure

high cholesterol

restless leg syndrome (anti psychotics)

muscle spasms, vomiting, itching, skin irritation

erectile dysfunction

depression, loss of appetite

heart palpitations, loss of love

cold fingers, interrupted sleep

are you allergic to pollen, cats, dogs, ferrets,

raccoon bites, the outside, the inside, milk,

Viagra, nickle, the sun, whole wheat bread,

whiskey, and vaginas?

or are you rightfully afraid that you may encounter these problems in the future?

then ask your doctor (man who knows a man)



it cures all these symptoms according to these scientists

side effects may include:

acid reflux, thyroid problems

erectile dysfunction

restless leg syndrome

depression, loss of appetite

drowsiness, interrupted sleep

psychotic episodes

incontinence, shitty moods

undeath, mid-poetic existential crises

tinnitus leading to permanent deafness

blinding ignorance, irritability

and vomiting

WE at the pharmaceutical company would love to remind everyone about our commitment to the health and well-being of everyone who receives care from our approved medical associates. Our products ARE not meant for use during pregnancy, as one of the active compounds in blutiphaxiparaoxydiahyptocephafurosithalidalorazalopanjackiechanbruceleegoodshit literally makes fetuses explode. GOING to your doctor or approved pharmacist is the first step TO a less terrifying existence. We can not guarantee that the good shit will KILL all of your symptoms. but
ALL need it.


  1. sometime i put lemon in hot water with honey instead of having a lemsip... that works ok.

  2. I just re-read the end. dark.