Friday, 29 October 2010

while I gaze from an electronic window

ancient lines made with contemporary

beauty aids

beautiful children, in ways of

untouched wildness

cracked mudded stick woven

quiet noises silent fingers

lines of age and knowledge movements of


movements of

knowing movements of

knowing from long ago the

movements of old knowledge and

growing community the patterns of

growing knowledge of movement and

history growing movements towards knowledge

and movement

of growing historical knowledge

marching bright colors as a penance to the angry gods of


tribalism and beautiful curiosity of horrible social science

dances of reality, of making form from

the red brown clay beneath our feet

pierced pink and white flocks of migratory fluidity.

the power of changed perspective and flowing

crashing and bounding down lush green cliffs collecting in

ambient pools of stuttered prediction

the filtered light of obliterated river

sending the all into a spectrum of our sight

mirrored pools dotted with the remains of flight

an endless everywhere stretching for longer than I'd want to travel

and the tree

the fractal totems of natural beauty

they who catch wind and give perspective to travelers of the world

who demand odes and scream when severed

and who's torn flesh shelters us and who's blood we pour on our pancakes

screaming saws tiny life

cracking ringing crashing


connection with the all in his eyes

the implosion of sense

the scarred caverns of human wound

implications of shared thought

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